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Welcome to Intuitively Spiritual, LLC. (IS, LLC.)'s Dingani Learning Platform Pre-Orientation General Info!  

Orientation is the first official class that you'll take here within our digital learning platform and it has been designed specifically to help you learn about:

  • Intuitively Spiritual, LLC. and it's reason for existence
  • How our digital learning platform works
  • What is required of you as a learning platform participant 
  • How to set up your personal profile
  • How to find our rules and policies
  • The types of assignments we have, how to submit them, and how they're graded.

In order to enroll into the Orientation Course, just create an account on our digital learning platform. Once that has been done, SELF-ENROLL into Registration, and simply follow that online tutorial! Once you've completed the Registration process, you will be officially placed into our Orientation course. 

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