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Welcome to the DDLP Welcome Center!

Greetings & Grand Continuance!  

We are so happy to welcome you to the Magickal Circle School - Registration Course!

This course is designed to get you set up properly as a student of the school, and enrolled in your first class. Each resource and assignment helps walk you through the site and create your student file. 

This course is set to be completed within 30 days. This is more than enough time to set up your student account. Inactive accounts will be automatically swept from this course, and result in removal from the site. 

Grading happens Monday through Friday, each week.  TMCS operates under a 5-business day rule for all grading - owing to the fact that the school is run by volunteers. Each time you submit an assignment an email is automatically generated letting me know that you've got something I need to look at. Please do not email about being graded, believe it or not, we are as excited to set up your account as you are to get started!  

Take your time to read through the resources and the assignments.  This information is presented so you know where to find the information again later.  You can find the Rules, Policies, along with general procedures, and information in The Magickal Circle School Information Room located in the Welcome Center.  Simply self-enroll to access this valuable information.

Thank you for your interest in the Magickal Circle School - TMCS.  We hope to get you all set up and into the Orientation so you can begin your journey with us!